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April 8, 2010 · Filed Under Blog By Numbers, Blog Design, Start A Blog 

Launch Your WebsiteWell we have jibber jabbered long enough about getting ready to start a website, today is the day our precious new baby is born, because we are going to turn that awesome domain name we bought into a bright and shiny piece of virtual realty called a website.

Before we start, we should probably double check and make sure we have everything we need to get this done.

So what is a checklist that we should have in place before we can officially launch?

  1. Secure a domain name (example
  2. Decide and sign up with a hosting company(examples godaddy or Themescapes hosting)
  3. Sit down at a computer with internet access

That’s it, in its most basic form you can launch a website once these three things are done.  So lets go over how to do it.

The first thing you are going to need to do is find out the nameservers your hosting company wants  you to use.  Don’t get scared by the word nameserver it is just a fancy way of telling the world where to find your website. 

Think of it as if you rented a space in a shopping mall and your store space that you rented was labeled by the mall as suite #36.  Your address in the phone book and post office would be something like:

My Cool Store
Some Shopping Mall, Suite #36
YourTown, TX 99999

Now lets pretend a year later you grew out of that space and wanted a bigger one.  The same shopping mall had a great space just up the path from your current space.  So you move your shop to that new space, space #48.  Your address would now be:

My Cool Store
Some Shopping Mall, Suite #48
YourTown, TX 99999

Nameserves are the Internet version of your address and They are stored in the DNS (Domain Name System), which functions some what like a Yellow Pages on crack for the online world.

So, taking a deep breath, now that all that is said we need to find out what nameservers our hosting company would like us to use and make those changes on our domain.  Usually your hosting company will send you an email or notify you through your account once you sign up what those nameservers are to be.  If you can’t find them, a quick email to their support should do the trick.

Most nameservers look something like:

As an example, one of godaddy’s nameservers is  Although a more typical one like at our parent company Themescapes is

To change the nameservers you will need to login into your domain hosting account and find where the area for domain management.   This may be called Domain Manager, Account Manager, etc.  If you can’t find it do a quick search for nameservers on the company’s website or once again send a quick email to their support folks. 

Once you locate it you will want to make the necessary changes.  Important!  Almost always there are multiple nameservers you will need to assign.  For instance all customers at hosting use two nameserver entries. and It is important that you only use the nameservers you were given.  Your domain manager may have spots for three nameservers.  If you were only give two from your hosting company, place them in the first two spots and leave the third one blank.

When you are all done and click “enter” or “save”, you most likely are going to get some kind of warning like, “Are you sure you want to do this?”, feel free to ignore it and carry on there is no danger of unintended explosions!

Great you officially have a domian being hosted on the Internet!  Woo Hoo!……

Uh oh, not so fast!  Just because you have a domain hosted does not mean you have a website.  All you have done is direct the world to your store in the shopping mall, now you have to build a store for them to come to!

And that’s where we will leave it for today!  Next time we will work on building our website.


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