Why is This Blog So Ugly? – You Have to Start Somewhere

The Ugly DucklingThere is a very good reason this blog, Blogiology, is so ugly.  You may not believe this, but we have opened Blogiology looking like this on purpose. 

Blogiology is a site devoted to helping bloggers across the bloggin’ wide web make their blogs better.  Part of this process is allowing you to watch every iteration and upgrade Blogiology will go through as it grows.

Each time anything is added, changed, or removed from Blogiology.com, we are going to tell you and show you exactly how we did it.  It would be useless and intimidating for us to start off with a fancy new and polished blog spouting tips and tricks.  There are thousands of blogs that do that already and one more is not going to make the world any better of a place.  Instead, you can start with us right here and follow along as we take this Blogiology caterpillar and turn into a blogging butterfly.

So for now we start with a plain old ordinary blog, minus the bells, whistles, embellishments, advertising, and even posts.  We have created a simple logo and added it to our free theme, just to make the blog recognizable and that is about it.

If you are brand new to blogs but have aspirations of starting one, you have come to the right place.  Subscribe here to begin receiving our weekly updates, and look for our “Start A Blog” series which is coming up in the very near future. 

In this series we are going to take you from the very first and tiny step of creating your own blog and then guide you through the rest of that path piece by piece providing examples and instruction along the way.

So celebrate and smoke a cigar with us, for today Blogiology is born!  She may be a bit ugly, but alot of babies are a little unattractive at birth.  Fortunately, she has loving parents and good genes, so there is hope for her future!


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